History of USTC

 Message From Chairman

USTC is being cultivated, grown, and developed as the academy, as the lab, and as the workshop for understanding and mastering the world Man is born to. We look equally at a particle of sand and a particle of gold, because all are unique and all have to be questioned, analyzed and understood.

We seek the light of the sun: free and worldwide and impersonal; we are not interested in the glow of unintelligent luxury. We are definite that wisdom and courage are the sources of wealth, and of invincible dignity. Freedom and activity that pulls forward are our principles. And therefore at heart we have realized that it is legitimate to ignore unintelligent rules to create new ones: the world is great, diverse, and evolving into unforeseen dimensions.

We want that the students understand these at the first hours of their consciousness: they must not become dull and coarse followers. Their intelligence should guide them ahead toward a self- reliance that is not dogmatic, that is supple and determined.

Our campus is multi-national and teaches the learners how to live amid diversity facing the different. It is a fundamental exposure: it may elevate them, it may make them vulnerable; but we see that they are winning.

A I Islam

Chairman, BoT