About Central Library:

Institute of Applied health science (IAHS) was established in 1989, and to serve the objectives of this private medical college, its library has been functioning since then. On the establishment of University of Science and technology Chittagong (USTC) in 1992, in the same campus, the existing Library has been functioning as the Central library since. The Central Library started functioning in 1989 in the tin shed, west position of the present Anatomy .The Authority of the University of Science and technology Chittagong have given importance to library of its own, as one of the essential components of the organization and planned to develop the Central Library and Medical Records and Research Center which is equally important for education, training and research. The present Central Library of USTC stared functioning in 1989 with 50 copies of medical books, 4 reading table, 16 reading chairs. With appointment of Mr.M. Jasim Uddin, as Librarian in 1992, a part of the library was started full functioning as academic library.

While the organization work continued in 1993 Our Founder President & Vice Chancellor, National Professor (Dr.) Nurul Islam expressed his determination to improve the unfortunate situation of local college and university libraries and contribute to its development with fresh concepts. He desired to have prepared a project for development of the Central Library to the tune of taka 02 crore. The Development Project was signed by Librarian, Registrar of USTC and submitted to the Founder Vice Chancellor on the 5th September, 1993. Dr.N.Islam, Founder Vice Chancellor, USTC approached The Nippon Foundation, Japan (former Sasakawa Foundation, Japan) and placed some specific proposals to Mr. Kinya Narabayashi of the Foundation assured him of their help and cooperation in the development of the Library Project. A good Foundation agreed to grant of 2.5 crore Taka for development of the Central Library of University of Science and Technology Chittagong (USTC).

Hon’ble President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and first Chancellor of university of Scienc and Technology Chittagong laid the Foundation of Central library Building on 20th January 1995.The President Mr. Abdur Rahman Biswas remarked that,” Library is the life-blood of a University and ,in fact,of any teaching institution .” On the occasion in the address by National Professor (Dr.) N.Islam (former Founder President) of USTC said that,” The Library is one of the most essential components of a seat for learning. This is yet to develop to a satisfactory level in Bangladesh.”  We believe this and working on this belief for the Central library of USTC.

In September 1991, the authority felt a Library Committee be formed to recommend steps to be taken for development of the Library and standardization of the library services and advice on the library affairs.

15th September 1997 is a memorable day for Central Library, USTC on which it (Central Library, former Sasakawa Central Library) stared shifting from the Academic Building to library’s own Seven Storied Building in campus. At that time the building was incomplete, the Central Library was placed in the completed First & Second floor of 16,242 sft floor area. It is one of the largest libraries in Bangladesh .Different sections of the library comprises modern technology. Sitting arrangement of the library is for 300 readers at a time.

Time to time Central Library has adopted new modern technology to modernize the library management system. For the first time USTC becomes the member of UDL on 2016 and introduced USTC Digital Library to all over by purchased valuable e-contents Such as Wiley, IEEE, Emerald, EBSCO tools, RemoteXS etc. from UDL. Now USTC Central Library has become a register member of Research 4 life (R4L) and gets access millions of resources of various subjects. The ongoing project of Central Library is now to automation the library management system and explores the USTC Digital Library with more rich and exclusive e contents.

Library Resources:

Sl. NoResourcesQuantity
1Books  (Medical & Non-medical)16,085 books

to cover 72 subjects

2Journals & Periodicals7000+
4Online Journals50,000
5E documents4.5 million documents
6Thesis paper, Case Study, Data, Reports etc4000
7University journal (USTA)1992 to 2019
8E-resource thru RemoteXs100000 information
9.Medical records100000
10.EBSCO Discovery services


USTC Digital Library E Resources:

Digital ContentURLTotal number of items
IGI Global research journals
          Wiley e books
          IEEE million documents
          Emerald journals, More than 2,500 books and over 1,500 teaching cases
         Hinari,000 information resources
         AGORA,000 information resources
         ARDI,000 information resources
         OARE,000 information resources
         GOALI,000 information resources


Facilities of Central Library:

  • Reading service during whole of the working hours
  • Reference services
  • Indexing servicers
  • Bibliographical services
  • Loan services
  • Resource sharing & inter-library loan services
  • Audio-visual services
  • Reprography services
  • Medical records and research center services
  • Cataloguing service
  • Borrower’s ID card service
  • Online library service
  • Rare books & Special collections reading room
  • Newspaper & periodical service
  • Seminar library

USTC Repositories: USTC is started now to develop own repositories collection with the articles, journals and Online valuable class lectures of our faculty members and foreign researchers.

Online Library:  Rich Online Library with high speed broadband internet connection and modern computers.

Sections: Section 01: Reading hall has been set in the 1st floor of library building with one entry and one exit. Section 02: Reading & Reference section, online library, Mujib corner, Al-Harun gallery, Journal section has been set in the 2nd floor with adequate circulation & display area. Section 03: Digital library will be planned to place in the east portion of 2nd floor of library building for which the space will be remodel for accommodation of different equipment and current digital information resources .The digital library will be equipped with all possible latest electronic equipment, telecommunication linkages for access to worldwide reference resources thru internet connection.

Users: 2500, including students, teachers, research workers, which number is increasing with annual in- take of new students and new students and faculties.

Service Hours:    8:00 A.M to 10:00 PM. From Saturday to Thursday (without break).It remains closed on Friday, public holidays and other holidays announced by   USTC authorities.

Floor Area and Capacity: Central Library and Auditorium Complex total floor area of 7 storied building is 65,134 sft. The Central Library was placed in the completed First & Second floor of 16,242 sft floor area with provision for natural light and air. Now it will extend for USTC Digital Library is 5,029 sft. It can accommodate over 1500 students at a time in the library building. Own electric generator to face power failure .

USTC Auditorium: Auditorium is a unique feature of the USTC central is centrally air condition with excellent sound and light system accommodating 500 audiences at a time. There is a gallery with accommodation of 100 audiences.

Orientation and Training: Central library has arranged Online training for faculties and students thru Research4life MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) aims to equip existing and future users of R4L programmes (Hinari,AGORA, OARE, ARDI, and GOALI)with knowledge and skill required to access and use the platform efficiently.

Contact Information:

Farhana Mahmud

Librarian I/C

USTC Central Library

University of Science and Technology Chittagong