To fulfill the desire and firm willingness of the Honorable Founder Vice Chancellor, USTC and National Professor Dr. Nurul Islam, USTC authorities have taken initiative to establish USTC Research Center (URC) at USTC in memory of Late FVC with an aim and objective to engage the scholars in researches that extend/go beyond the classroom and around the globe. In this respect, the Chairman, Board of Trustees sanctioned a grant of Tk. 5-crore (50 million) with the approval of Finance Committee, USTC for taking appropriate steps to accelerate the process. USTC, a private university outside Dhaka, has been functioning in Chittagong since 1992.

This university has opened up a new horizon under the leadership of FVC for the quality Medical, Biological, Social Sciences, Engineering, Business and other modern technology-oriented education in the country. The key goal of the institute is to provide a creative atmosphere in which higher studies and research thrive amongst the faculty and students’ need relevant to research in the advancement of the university which will match also with the vision of USTC.

The purpose will be built upon the established strengths of the USTC in key research areas in various faculties/departments of the institution. The URC will also improve and realize the research potentials of the teachers and students of USTC by providing adequate financial and technical support.


 To encourage, empower & implement research and disseminate research findings.


To create a center of excellence in research in Biomedical, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Engineering & IT, Social Sciences and also Modern Technology in Higher education.

 Objective of USTC CRC :

i) To create a center of excellence and enabling Research Capacity among the Faculties at USTC:
a) To promote the research environment in different faculties;
b) To facilitate Teaching & Training provision for Need-Based Researches in various disciplines;
c) To create an opportunity for conducting curious relevant and modern researches;
d) To develop, maintain and sustain an overall knowledge of the University’s Research Center areas of interest and competence;
e) To ensure the research outputs appropriately with proper management and adequately disseminated in order to improve knowledge transfer;

ii) To establish and strengthen collaboration with National, Regional and International Organization:
a) To ensure Quality Research in USTC;
b) To ensure the timely, effective and progressive performance of academic tasks;
c) To expand our corporate partnerships and networks for creating mutual opportunities and benefits.

iii) To expand or promote existing resources:
a) To maintain the purpose & utility of Hospital & Medical Record Room and at offer practical situation;
b) To make blending the teaching, training & Research of the various faculties;

 Overcome the Challenges:

A major challenge with respect to research is securing the essential inputs both funding and research talent:

a) To lay down guidelines for the allocation of research grants;
b) URC plans to build a database containing details of various sources of research funds and grants. The objective is to encourage and help USTC faculty members to materialize/implement their research plans with financial and institutional support. This also creates facilities for the student to be involved in research activities;
c) Information regarding different funding agencies such as MST, UGC, BMRC, DGHs, UN agencies, USAID, AUSAID, JAICA, TWAS, DAAD, NGOs, HUMBOLDT foundation and other organizations to facilitate the teachers and the students in their research endeavors;
d) Monitoring the research activities carried out through the grants from the URC;
e) To plan and arrange for offering awards to persons for outstanding contribution to URC in achieving goals and objectives in favors of national interest in the fields of Education, Research and Training.


A major challenge with respect to research is securing the essential inputs both funding and research talent:

a) To conduct effective, relevant and ‘State of Art’ teaching for the faculties to enhance the basic skill of research;
b) Keeping provision to send the faculties home/abroad for further training in serious aspects of Research Methodology.
c) Forming Research group in each faculty to share and update the advancement of recent research activities among the faculties and students too.
d) To organize research related hands on training and skill transfer with other organization of both home and abroad.

Annual Conference:

To organize an annual conference where academics, researchers, and practitioners present their research work from both Government & Non-Government organization with an aim to flourish the USTC & CRC keeping a theme.

Journal/ Newsletter:

a) In addition to USTC each faculty may publish at least one or two journals yearly;
b) Journal club should be forwarded to accelerate the publication of Journal or Newsletter;
c) The journal should be peer-reviewed and materials should be fundamental and applied;
d) USTC and other journal publication. To publish peer-reviewed journals, bulletins, research reports, training modules, and other research, teaching/extension materials of both fundamental and applied nature and to create necessary facilities for the purposes.


Learning greatly enhanced by bringing theoretical knowledge and application together. In order to improve understanding of practical issues of our students and faculties, interactive seminars will be organized.
The arrangement of training / workshop on different areas of research methodology including ongoing curriculum implementation and its constraints, evaluation and other fields (Education pedagogy of Medicine and other faculties).

Case Development:

Faculty members are encouraged to work with companies/organizations to develop cases that can be used in the classroom. This contributes to a more effective learning process at USTC.