USTC Journal

 USTC Journal


Volume-24 | No. 1 | 2020


UIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ANNUAL (USTA, ISSN 1728-0435) journal is an international multidisciplinary scholarly outlet for ventilating the overarching area of the methodology that can be uniquely formalized for all disciplines to explain the moral, ethical, and social nature of socio-scientific inquiry with substantive methodical applications. The language and style of this refereed international journal is English for informed readership. Please avoid cumbersome writing. The reach of USTA is the informed scholarly community in the generalized area of socio-scientific methodology and its methodical multidisciplinary investigation.

The following Guidelines are to be observed:

  1. Abstract is required in no more than 200 words with no more than five keywords
  2. Cover page will state the author’s designation, institutional affiliation, email address, phone number and footnoted acknowledgment if any
  3. The main paper must be blinded of the information in (2) to be anonymously reviewed.
  4. Diagrams and mathematical equations must be clearly and brightly represented.
  5. To simplify submission format from all disciplines in the perspective of the multidisciplinary focus of USTA and its accessible language syntax the APA is to be used for irrespective of disciplinary submission in light of the multidisciplinary nature of submission. See internet for APA
  6. Length of paper should be 3500- 8000 words.
  7. All foreign words must be in italic.
  8. Use New Times Roman in Word doc. and pdf to follow after acceptance
  9. Submissions are to be made online to the under-mentioned (one word file and one Pdf file)
  10. Multiple submissions by the same author(s) can be considered in different issues of USTA.

Papers will be first checked by editorial Board for the primary selection and the paper if found appropriately revised will be sent to an external expert reviewer. USTA is inviting scholarly submissions throughout the year.


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